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Costume Design Workshop

This is page is a draft and may contain inaccuracies

Sewing Studio

Need an airy space for cutting, sewing and fitting?

Be it a theatre play, a film, or maybe a research project into wearable tech, we are here to help. We are experts in manipulating materials and turning existing outfits into something else.

Our atelier space features a large, sunlit table area for pattern making and cutting. It is fully equipped with a selection of industrial sewing machines, mannequins, hat blocks and a library of material samples to study.

The 25m2 fitting area let’s you try out your designs even at a distance from the large mirrors, and allows for reviewing things in detail together with your team.

Dyeing Studio

With a background in stagecraft and film production, we provide consultation and spaces for working with colors and surface elaboration for mainly costumes, but textiles in general, too.

We typically work with dyes, patinating techniques and direct painting, using Dylon fabric paints, but are always open to experimentation.


Need a new outfit? Or maybe a very old one? You can probably find it in our Wardrobe.

It stores a great variety of costumes from contemporary clothing to period pieces. In addition to our own stores, we have access to Yle’s huge costume collection. Usage of Yle collection goes through faculty staff.

We also provide production storage cages for short term usage in costume related productions.

The usage of the wardrobe includes care taking of the items. For some courses third party laundry services are available, get more details from the Workshop Supervisor Johanna Ilmarinen. Our own laundry is available as well for items that can be water washed.

For who?

Aalto Studios services are open to all coursework and research projects. We do not rent costumes out for any leisure activities.


Contact the Workshop Supervisor Johanna Ilmarinen directly for details and how to get access.