Prototyping future facilities

The upcoming Aalto Studios building will come with heavy duty project spaces in all sizes. They’ll provide room for building, rigging and exploring experimental media works, in some cases with ceiling heights up to 7 meters. Things can get messy or noisy, or require on-site construction and that’s exactly the point; these spaces can take a beating.

But we’re not in 2021 yet. This is our prototyping phase, where we learn by doing in temporary spaces, with partners who need these facilities now.

Prototype : Experimental Studio 0

This space at Otakaari 7 is a well ventilated, dark-by-default area that used to function as a laboratory. During Spring 2019 the use is being coördinated by a group consisting of Aalto ARTS users for student projects, not for teaching. Everyone is welcome to apply.

The area functions as an assembly, there are no tools or equipment. However, Otakaari 7 hosts also the Aalto Fablab and various workshops for wood and metal work, as well as costume design and textile treatments. These facilities have lots of powerful machines so you need to have a certain level of skills and a permit in order to work safely. Workshop Health and Safety courses run for this purpose.

Apply for project space

Send a free-form application/project plan to Matti Niinimäki (

The plan should briefly explain:

o The project work itself
o Which studies is it related to?
o For which time period assembly space is needed?
o How much space is needed (approx.)?