A Pod Hardware and Software


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The A Pod is a great place for recording and quickly editing audio content. Here’s a breakdown of available tools:

The Pod Itself

An acoustically dampened 3,5 m² Smartblock pod with two seats, or one wheelchair spot (verify). It features user controllable air conditioning and black curtains for isolation.


Control surfaces

RØDECaster Pro

Multitrack recording directly from mics, USB and Bluetooth to a memory card, or control of audio sources when recording to the iMac.

Manufacturer link for more information.

Apple iMac 21.5″

For recording and editing, video conferencing and viewing materials while working. Storage beyond the session is not provided, so be prepared to move your data out when finishing.

Connectivity options include an SD Card Slot, USB-A and -C ports, and a fast ethernet cable connection.

Due to the special software needs, this is not an Aalto Workstation and does not support signing in directly to your user account’s desktop environment.

Patch Bay

To quickly connect additional devices, the table top provides a custom patch bay to keep you from messing up the cables.


2 x RØDE Podcaster Mics

Manufacturer link for more information.


1 x Genaray SSL-50 Soft Strip LED Light

2 x Intellytech Pocket Cannon Mini (Daylight)


Recording and editing


Straightforward multi-track recording and editing

Logic Pro X

Advanced multitrack recording, sound design, editing and mastering

Adobe Audition

Advanced multitrack recording, sound design, editing and mastering the Adobe way


Audio Hijack

Extremely flexible realtime audio editing, routing and recording using highly customizable inputs, processors and outputs.


Metadata editing for Podcasts for adding chapter data, such chapter links and chapter art

Conferencing and remote teaching







Snap Camera

Web Browsers

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