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Motion Capture Studio

Looking for a Hollywood standard motion capture system? For games, films or product development?

From animation to industrial purposes this studio captures both motion and performance, with fantastic, millimeter precise tracking accuracy and low latency. It’s equipped with 16pcs of state of the art Motion Analysis infrared cameras and plenty of props and suits in different sizes.Record detailed data of an athlete’s performance or turn your actors into fantasy characters and capture the finest nuances of their movement and even facial expressions. Record multiple performers in the scene at the same time.

For who?

Whether you are an industry developer looking for motion tracking solution or a producer with dragons and other magical creatures, our studio has what you need. It’s available for teaching and research but also commercial purposes, for partners and anyone at Aalto University.


Reservations are done via Birgitta Rosti-Pylkkänen. For any technical questions, please get in touch with our Studio Manager Toni Tolin. If you would like us to help you with your project, please contact well in advance!


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