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Set Construction Studio and Workshops

Need to paint large surfaces? Looking for a place for welding or wood work?

Our multi-purpose set construction workshop provides resources for working with wood, metal, electronics and surface materials such as paint. We’ve got everything you need to build up the sets for your production. Our resources are designed for the use of the film, TV and theatre world but also work great if you are building something for an exhibition or any other kind of event.

Wood Workshop

Our spacious wood working area provides the basic industrial machines for working with wood and an area equipped with hand tools. It is mainly used for scenography and set design purposes but is open for the whole Aalto University. So if you would like to use it for other purposes, don’t hesitate to ask.

Metal workshops

Our metal workshop has the resources for welding, bending and grinding. It includes basic industrial machines and hand tools for metal work and jointing techniques.

Surface Treatment Workshop

The wood and metal workshops are supported by surface treatment facilities and a plaster room. We have the resources to work with solvent-based paints and materials that require an ATEX certificate, for large surfaces as well. Working with fibreglass and polyester resin is also possible.

Electronics workshop

We also have an electronics workshop equipped with electric multimeter for basic soldering work. This is a fantastic facility if you need to add lights or audio to your miniatures or costumes or do something related to robotics, for example.

For who?

Anyone at Aalto University can use the workshops. These facilities have lots of powerful machines so you need to have a certain level of skills and a permit in order to work safely. Workshop Health and Safety courses run for this purpose.


Contact Jami Laakso, Jyri Lahelma or Pasi Pakula for more details on the equipment and on how you can use the workshops and the materials.


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