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Studio Team: Meet Lassi Savola

Studio Team: Meet Lassi Savola

Every now and then, we’ll share a little bit about the team behind Aalto Studios. Today, we introduce you to Lassi Savola, our AV expert and Equipment Takeout master at Aalto Studios. Lassi is one of the newest member of the team, as he joined in the spring of 2018. Without further ado, here’s a brief interview with Lassi.

What do you do at Aalto Studios?

Responsible for takeout, taking care of the rental equipment and procedures. We want to make the experience as smooth as possible for the customer. Partially storage work, partially coordinator’s job. Make sure equipment is returned on time and it’s in prime condition. As Aalto Takeout is a service for all at Aalto University, we have customers from all departments of Aalto. With a variety of I also provide technical help, such as set up a PA set, in events around campus. 

What brought you to Aalto Studios?

I’m quite new to Aalto Studios – I started here in the spring of 2018. I’ve been living around Finland, the most recently in Oulu, where I worked as a video content producer at a digital marketing agency. I wanted to move back to Southern Finland due to family reasons, so I applied for this job as it sounded very interesting and different to me.

What’s the most exciting idea, initiative or project you have going on at the moment?

In addition to what’s going on in my own job something that has stood out the past few months is the new media centre. It’s fascinating to ideate the new building and discuss with my co-workers about what should and shouldn’t be included in it.

What is your philosophy in life and how do you apply it to your everyday working methods?

My philosophy that applies to work and life outside of work is “don’t be an a**hole”. I want to be an easygoing person who doesn’t nag and nitpick about everything. Simple as that.

Aalto Studios, the media center of the future, goes live in 2021 and is going to have amazing facilities for film, media, VR and sound design. What would you include in the new building dedicated to media?

I really hope that the new media center becomes a place that is actively used by people. It should be easy to find and accessible. I wish that the building meets the people’s expectations, wishes and needs. It would be awesome if the building was a well-known media hub nationally and even in the whole Northern Europe. From Aalto Takeout’s perspective I obviously ask for convenience, but it’s too early to say what the Takeout is exactly going to look like.

Where do you see your own work going? What might it become?

There are many paths that can be taken to bring my work further, so it’s tough to say how the new building and technological developments will change my job. The location of the upcoming media center, next to Väre, adds possibilities to make Aalto Studios and Equipment Takeout very approachable for people with little or no AV experience. I just want to go with the flow, see how things turn out and make the right choices to keep up.