Access to campus resources remains limited during the autumn term. Only ongoing coursework and official research projects are supported. Aalto Studios facilities can be booked to facilitate distance learning, such as recording and streaming course content.

The main doors to our facilities are open as usual, but please only visit the buildings if you’re currently enrolled on a course or have booked a space for individual work.

Aalto University Staff

Book regular classrooms from Asio. For accessing our production facilities, send an email to the Aalto Studios contact person (see table below). This needs to be done at least two days before your booking. In case of large production facilities, such asRoihupelto Studios and Kallio Stage, the booking requests need to be send at least 3 weeks before the booking date.

The earlier you book the more likely resources are available.

Aalto University Students

Send an email to the Aalto Studios contact person in charge of the facility (see table below), stating your preferred reservation period and intended use. Do this at least two days in advance, as processing these requests may take more than one day. For Roihupelto Studios and Kallio Stage, 3 weeks in advance.

The earlier you book the more likely resources are available.

Equipment Takeout

Equipment lending will gradually become available at, where you’ll find more information current policies.

Contacts for reservation requests

All resource use is moderated for maximum simultaneous users and time between users.

Room(s)Facility namemax number of simultaneous usersbookable time slots AS contact person
252aExperimental Studio1009.00 –
252cAnimation Studio609.00 –
253-255Computer classroom609.00 – 16.30Book courses in ASIO and student time from
316Computer classroom Connor509.00 – 16.30Book courses in ASIO and student time from
331Computer classroom Tarkovski1909.00 – 16.30Book courses in ASIO and student time from
330Computer classroom Hitchcock2209.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
356Computer classroom Kurosawa1209.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
379Computer classroom Hepburn609.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
380aComputer classroom Garbo309.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
203Kipsari Backstage meeting room1009.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
282Meeting room with large screen509.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
338aStudent production office609.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
338bStudent production office209.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
338cStudent production office209.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
147Project room609.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
377Atelje809.00 – 16.30Book in ASIO
271Sewing Studio809.00 –
161Dyeing Studio209.00 –
177Wood workshop809.00 –
173Metal workshop309.00 –
168FABLAB810.00-16.30 (tue, wed, thu)
238Immersive Sound Studio609.00 –
286VR Studio509.00 –
309-315Video edits 1-7209.00 –
326Color Correction209.00 –
348, 350, 352, 354Audio edits 1-4309.00 –
344Light Video & light audio edit209.00 –
217Foley Stage409.00 –
223Audio Pre-mixing Stage609.00 –
212Audio Mixing Stage609.00 –
TUAS-taloOdeion2009.00 – 16.30Book in Asio, for support contact
Laippatie 14Roihupelto Studio2009.00 –
Pengerkatu 11Kallio Stage4009.00 –
Learning CentreMinistudio309.00 –
Learning CentreA Pod109.00 –
Learning CentreVR Hub309.00 –
Learning CentreSelf Service Studio209.00 – 16.30Book in Asio

This document was last updated Sep 1st 2020.