PhotoRobot Multi-Cam and Turning Table

Starring Jason Selvarajan and Aalto Archives Ceramics Collection. Photorgraphers, Andrew Tuoriniemi and Kalle Kaitala. Editting by Andrew Tuoriniemi.

The PhotoRobot at Aalto University is what we call the multi-camera system for capturing 360 degree spins of items on a centerless turntable. It is produced by a company also called PhotoRobot.

It captures multi-row images simultaneously utilizing 3 cameras installed at 5, 30 and 60 degree angles. This setup is also perfect for photogrammetry which uses the photos to reconstruct a 3d model out of the 108 captured photographs taken per session. To capture the bottom of the object a 2nd photo session can be performed and doubles the total photo count to 216 + calibration shots. All-in-all the process takes less than 10 minutes for both sessions, but post-processing, editing and preparing the 360 spin can take up to an hour. The photogrammetry process takes an additional 1-5 hours depending on the computer.

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