3D Scanning Resources in Aalto

There are many 3D scanning and imaging options around the campus. This is a living list of the devices that have been found so far. If you’d like to add to the list email jason.selvarajan@aalto.fi

PhotorobotPhotorobot, turntable360 spins, photogrammetryJason Selvarajan
Aalto ADDLABturn tableAshish Mohite
turn table 2
mechanical hand scanner
Aalto FABLAB3d scanning atSolomon Embafrash
Lidar RIEGL VS-400RiPano, * Magics permit
Hand scanner Artec LEO
Design X software
Microscope with DSLRSiemens + Canon
Aalto Civil Engineering Department3d scanning (pizza robot and whitebox)
Aalto TakeoutTakeout.aalto.fi
Insta360 pro
iPhone 12ProLidar and photogrammetry
ipad ProLidar and photogrammetry

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