Comparison of Mesh quality

There’s always a battle going on between having the best possibly quality / processing speed / file size. Lower quality means faster processing speeds (normally) and reduced file sizes, and higher quality is the other end of the spectrum. The ideal is generally somewhere in between with high enough resolution to be futureproof and thus creating usful models for the long term, yet small enough that we can work on and with the files. Below is a test of 3 level of detail outputs from Capturing reality of the model sculpture called Banaanipoika from the Ceramics Archive.

Capturing Reality had a Leve-of-Detail exporter which allows for multiple output file sizes of the final mesh. I used 10% with 3 steps so we got 100% output, 10% of orig and 1% of the original (or 10% of the 10% output).
750 MB
75 MB.
There is barely a noticable difference in the mesh while it’s 10x smaller in file size.
7.5 MB.
Here you can start to see some simplification going on, but it’s still highly detailed all things considered and with a very usable file size.