Game demo test

Game demo test with UE 5. Destructable sculptures.

Alireza from Computer Science, and a student of the UWAS course on 3d prototyping and another one of photogrammetry got interested in the PhotoRobot and so he made this little tribute to Paula BlÄfields student works based on my suggestions.

Proof of concept showing what can be done with Unreal Engine 5 and scanned object. Similar to Jason’s earlier demos the models are destructable but in addition the models have more interactivity such as a sound byte that plays when shooting the melon. The game objective is to find the targets and shoot them to get the full score of 7/7 and win the game, but in order to do so you have to wander around a little. The scene has models with multiple levels of detail LOD but you can’t really tell the difference. The tree models are in fact the heaviest elements in the demo.

The demo video was also sent to Paula BlĂ„field, the original creator of the statutes in TAIK – School of Arts in 1984.

Reaction from Paula after sharing the link on Facebook Messenger. Find more of her work here (facebook)