Handheld reality capture

During the Summer of 2021 we rented a cottage on an island called Kaunissaari which translates to Beautiful Island. And it is really pretty with stunning sunsets. At the guest boat harbor there’s this amazing looking rock (help me geologists) with some kind of lava stratification going on. It must be a favorite of birds that like pooping on it so that the moss can grow all over it.

In anycase I shot it with a Sony Alpha A6000-something with a nice zoom lens. I don’t know the details too well but I had left it on some multi exposure shooting mode so this was reconstructed from about 107 photos with duplicates that are slightly over and slightly under exposed so about 300 all up. Not every feature was captured perfectly so I’ll have to go back next year, but this was all done free hand while my friends hurried me along so that we could run to the bigger boat harbor to catch the last ferry back to Helsinki.

Rock by Kaunissaari guest harbor by Aalto Archive on Sketchfab