PhotoRobot Quick Guide

By following this guide you should be able to photograph an object from 360 degrees from multiple angles with good quality, low to no background artefacts and in a way that also enables photogrammetry – or converting the photos into 3D models.



TURN ON the cameras and screens x1

Extension cable under the PhotoRobot (left side of the machine)

TURN ON PhotoRobot machine x3

TURN ON Flashes x6

6 flash total, 2 in the front and 4 in the back
Adjust camera settings. Main things to do is ZOOM and FOCUS (near 1.2m). The polarizer and other settings should be in place, but worth testing if there are issues.
The lift (in Controls) may need to be adjusted. Normall it’s in a downward position and there

ADJUST camera mount and camera settings

Timelapse of top down shooting. The flashes aren’t always synching to the timelapse, but each time the table stops, the flashes go off and a 3x photos are taken.
Sideways shooting + color calibration chart