Aalto Studios hosted a mini seminar around the theme AI & Media in collaboration with ACE Producers. The afternoon session occurred prior to ACE Training Days that were held in Helsinki and Espoo 13-15th of October 2018. The venue for the event was Miltton’s seminar hall in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki.

Juhani Tenhunen, the coordinator of international relations at Aalto Studios opened the event and welcomed the seminar guests and the three speakers. The first speaker, Valossa company’s Mika Rautiainen discussed video recognition and content intelligence in media workflows. The presentation sparked many questions among the participants.

Photo by Pavel Arkharov

During a break, food designer Vahid Mortezaei served savory and sweet finger foods that were pieces of art on their own. Producers from around Europe enjoyed conversations with each other before sitting down to listen to the second presentation. Pia Tikka and Ilkka Kosunen from Tallinn University introduced new ways of utilizing artificial intelligence in filmmaking. The speakers expressed their thoughts on how brain research can make a difference in creating new narratives between virtual and human characters.

Photo by Pavel Arkharov

The partnership between Aalto Studios and ACE Producers has evolved into a consistent collaboration within the past few years. There is a good amount of interest from aspiring producers to attend Training Days that were held in Helsinki for the third time. The weekend’s program included group meetings, case studies and workshops about sales and distribution. The participants attended the Training Days to learn from high-level ACE consultants.

Aalto Studios kindly thanks ACE Producers, seminar speakers, Miltton, Vahid Mortezaei and all participants for the enjoyable afternoon.