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About Us

Aalto Studios at Aalto University weaves together the players of the creative economy: designers, filmmakers, youtubers, game developers, performing artists, educators, angel investors, public-sector operators and more… in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and beyond.


What exactly is Aalto Studios?

The media center of the future, where teaching, research and product development can measure up to the challenges of the rapidly evolving digital society. We facilitate film and TV, games and animation, VR/AR, product- and user experience testing, sensor data-analysis, web- and social media, digitalization of teaching and fast prototyping. We are an active shareholder of digital society that organizes and curates influential seminars and events in the field. Additionally, we operate as an AV-production service for Aalto University and its key campus partners.

How is it going?

We established Aalto Studios in November 2016 on the solid foundation provided by Media Centre Lume and Aalto Media Factory. We are currently running our operations in temporary facilities at the Otaniemi Campus and around the city of Helsinki. The planning for a new media centre to be built at the centre of the Otaniemi campus is well under way. It will be totally awesome, and will change how we teach and research media in Aalto University, in the rest of Finland and beyond. This new facility will be ready by the end of 2020 with a grand opening planned for the New Year 2021. However, we are gradually ramping up our operations and beta-testing new operational models, as though we already inhabited the new facility.

Dig deeper

Find out how our resources can benefit you. Exploring this site is a great start to finding out what we are currently working on. And if you have a great idea or initiative that we should hear about, please do get in touch.


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