Don’t need a huge studio?

The 25m² Mini Studio is a great, compact option. It’s located centrally on the Aalto Campus, at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre.

What does it do?

These are popular uses for the space, see within for more details. For something more… experimental, get in touch with us to discuss production planning in advance. The studio always requires a budget and comes with our experienced staff and equipment.

Video interview 1-3 persons interview or discussion video shot with multiple cameras in a nice lightning set up.
Talking Head video Sometimes clear explanation is enough. You can record a talking head video up to two people with white or green…
Green Screen video You want to add a digital background to your content? In Mini studio you can take a photo or record…
Photography There's just enough space in Mini Studio for three point lightning set up to take photographs. Products, protos or portraits…


For booking, contact us first using the audiovisual productions contact form.