Course and production bookings

Get to know the new and old Aalto Studios facilities across the campus, then get in touch with us.

To make it easy, we will do the actual bookings for you, and help you figure out which facilities suit your needs the best. This way, we can plan things out for you well in advance for the whole upcoming year.

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Academic year 2024-2025

The booking period is open simultaneously with the Curriculum Planner until 31.1.2024. 

Studios and venues

Event StudioOTK2A1210
Digital StudioOTK2A1220
Visualisation StudioOTK2A3548
Experimental Studio 2 (Animation)OTK2A3551
Oxberry StudioOTK1a010b
Project room 1 (Animation)OTK2A3466


Video Edit 1OTK2A2405
Video Edit 2OTK2A2406
Sound LaboratoryOTK2A2407
Surround EditOTK2A2409
Sound Recording 1OTK2A2501
Sound Recording 2OTK2A2503
Colour Grading SuiteOTK2A2505
Audio and Video Edits 1-7OTK7
Audio Master Mixing StageOTK7
Audio Foley Mixing StageOTK7


Sewing studioOTK7
Dyeing StudioOTK7
Wood WorkshopOTK7
Metal WorkshopOTK7
Surface Treatment WorkshopOTK7

Digitalisation of Learning facilities

Self Service StudioOTK2A3446
Podcast StudioOTK2A2446
Mini StudioOTK2A3429
Teaching StudioOTK2A3555

ASIO self-service or via Aalto Studios (during the coordination period)

Makeup RoomOTK2A2481
Dressing Room 1OTK2A2523
Dressing Room 2OTK2A2526
Green RoomOTK2A1213
Project Room 2OTK2A3470
Project Room 3OTK2A3473
Project Room 4OTK2A3475
Project Room 5OTK2A3477
Project Room 7OTK2A3481
Meeting Room 2403OTK2A2403
Meeting Room 2414OTK2A2414

Please book in Curriculum planner

Video and Graphics Classroom (MAC)OTK2A2420
Video and Graphics Classroom (PC)OTK2A2507
Video and Animation Classroom (PC)OTK2A3420
Extended Reality StudioOTK2A3401
Experimental Studio 1OTK2A3430
Experimental Studio 3 (Immersive Audio)OTK2A3546
Classroom 3448OTK2A3448
Classroom 377OTK7377
Classroom 147OTK7147
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