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  • Marcus Korhonen
    Marcus manages the overall operations of Aalto Studios and can help you learn more about our Aalto University and media industry spanning effort to build a new, ambitious media centre for all.
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    boss co-operation coo director head how johtaja leadership management manager strategy
  • Bjarke Aalto
    Studio Technician
    AV/Motion Capture/Virtual Studio technician
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    3d roihupelto scenography video virtual
  • Lauri Brask
    Fablab Ad Hoc Assistant
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    3d printing cad cam cnc design fablab fabrication maker makerspace
  • Jon Fabritius
    Web Studio Host
    Design and Development
    Internet communication design and development consulting, teaching and software development at the Web Studio. Communication and space related development projects at the Aalto Studios in general.
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    ar cms consultant consulting CSS design development extended extended reality Facebook frontend HTML instruction interaction interior Internet ixd Javascript product management programming service design sites Social media software spatial taik user experience ux Web web studio wordpress www xr
  • Hetta_HuhtamäkiHetta Huhtamäki
    Production Manager
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  • Iikkamatti_Hauru Iikkamatti Hauru
    AV Assistant
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    av camera edit editing editointi jälkituotanto kuvaus lecture leikkaus lightboard mini mini studio self service stream streaming studio video videography videokuvaus
  • Johanna Ilmarinen
    Costume Workshop Master
    Johanna is Aalto Studios specialist in costume related projects. Johanna loves helping students with projects, especially when the solution is not obvious and the question challenge her knowledge. In addition to student’s…
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    accessories attire clothes colors costume costuming dyes props sewing textile wardrobe
  • Marko Kettunen
    Stage Manager
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    black box Kallio lighting manager projection sound stage tech
  • Ari Kivimäki
    Events and Partnerships
    Ari is the Senior Manager in charge of Aalto Studios partnerships - both internally and externally. He has a long background as a new business developer and can advice startups in the…
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    conference corporate crm events festival funding gala hackathon international kumppanuus partner partnership party relations seminar symposium
  • Jami Laakso
    Workshop Master
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    lavastamo set construction talovastaava workshop
  • Jyri Lahelma
    Workshop Master
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    scenography set construction set design
  • Jussi Lohijoki
    Workshop Master
    Post Production
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    edit editing editor video
  • Oliver Manner
    Web Studio Host
    Design and Development
    Oliver is hosting the Web Studio in collaboration with his colleague Jon Fabritius. They help the whole Aalto community with things related to the internet: Web pages, CMS systems, social media, etc.…
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    atk backend consultation data database development HTML ict information Internet it mariasql mysql php programming software sql Web web studio www
  • “Ville” Jari Manninen
    AV Technician
    Ville is an AV technician at Aalto Studios. With his over 30-year experience, Ville is the perfect guy to help out with everything from sound, video or stage setups. He has a…
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    cinema equipment film theatre lending movie theatre projection takeout
  • Esa Mattila
    Presentation Technician
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    audio devices equipment spaces tech technology video
  • Timo Ovaska
    VR Learning Specialist
    While working for Aalto Learning Services, Timo can often be found at the VR Hub, where he delves into using extended reality in education
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    education extended learning les oppiminen services virtuaali virtual vr vrhub xr
  • Pasi Pakula
    Workshop Master
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    stage studio
  • Pasi Pelkonen
    Audio Technical Support
    Technical support for audio post-production.
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  • Niklas Pöllönen
    Fablab Ad Hoc Assistant
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    3d printing cad cam cnc fablab laser cutting
  • Maria_Rantamäki Maria (Maikki) Rantamäki
    Assistant producer
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    av av production lecture stream streaming tuotanto video
  • Krisjanis Rijnieks
    Fablab Master
    Krisjanis is the Aalto Fablab master and is responsible for keeping it open and helping you to get the hold of its machines and capabilities. Krisjanis has graduated Fab Academy from Fab…
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    3d printing arduino cad cam cnc design digital fabrication electronics fablab maker makerspace microcontrollers pcb design projectionn mapping raspberry pi
  • A portrait of Antti Ruotoistenmäki Antti Ruotoistenmäki
    Academic coordinator, MAGICS
    Learn more about the MAGICS project at
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  • Lassi SavolaLassi Savola
    AV Specialist
    Lassi is an AV specialist and the manager of Takeout. He has 10 years experience with media production from a technical point of view, as well as extensive hands-on knowledge about audiovisual…
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  • Jason Selvarajan
    Fablab Ad Hoc Assistant
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    3d printing cad cam cnc design fablab fabrication hand tools maker makerspace
  • Maksim AndronenkovMaksim Andronenkov
    Equipment Lending Assistant
    At our Equipment Takeout office, Maksim keeps track of resources as they flow in and out the door.
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    cameras equipment gear lainaus laite laitteet laitteisto lights microphones takeout
  • Juha Tanhuanpää
    Technical Support
    Sound Post Production
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    mix post production sound
  • Chad Taylor
    Production coordinator
    Chad is Aalto Studios Production Coordinator and Audio Visual Technical Team Leader. For the previous 27 years, Chad has been organizing events and tours with musical artists all over the world. He…
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    booking facilities Kallio live rent reservation reserve space spaces stage studio studios tilat tiloja varata varaus venues
  • Juhani Tenhunen
    International Projects and Collaboration
    VR Interest Group Coordination
    With lots of experience in academic matters at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Juhani oversees our international projects that bring together students and researchers from around the globe.
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    event events international outreach projects vr
  • Toni Tolin
    Studio Manager
    TV Studio
    Toni is responsible for operating and maintaining the studio facilities at Roihupelto Studio. Toni have been working at Aalto University since 2002 and he loves making good looking productions that are technically…
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    broadcast studio television tv
  • Elliott Webb
    Fablab Assistant
    Elliott is the Aalto Fablab Assistant and is responsible for helping and answering questions about the lab in the best possible way he can. Elliott has background in graphic design and has graduated…
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    3d printing art cad design fablab fusion 360 graphic design illustrator laser cutting makerspace making web design
  • Ville Wikström
    Workshop Master
    Properties and Facilities
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    deliveries furniture house info jakelu mail posti property props reception tavara tavarantoimitus toimitukset toimitus