Rolando Camilo

Rolando is the AV Technical Team Leader and Production Coordinator.

Audio Edits

Our production and post-production facilities range from small sound edits to large, professional high end environments.

Roihupelto Studios

Our 230 m2 studio with a realtime 4K Arri multicamera setup, motion capture tools and green screen at high end quality located in eastern Helsinki.

Multi-Cam Productions with Cinema Cameras

Aalto Studios is happy to announce the newest addition to our production gear, a 4K rack for our Arri Amira cameras. Due to this investment, we are the first in Finland to enable multi-camera productions with high-end cinema cameras. The flight case rack includes all the equipment needed in multi-camera productions. ”The whole production can now …

AV Production Service

How do you get started creating audiovisual content? Meet with us and we’ll find out. Our service can help you identify the different steps needed and come up with a concrete action plan for moving forward, from an idea to a finalized product. This can include building a production plan for scheduling, resourcing and recruitment, …

Toni Tolin

Toni is responsible for operating and maintaining the studio facilities at Roihupelto Studio. Toni have been working at Aalto University since 2002 and he loves making good looking productions that are technically challenging. Toni have great technical skills, a big knowledge about production gear and experience with many different production types, but he especially excels …

Kallio Stage (closed 2021)

As of July 1st, 2021 we have closed our Kallio Stage facility. This 1920 Art Deco-style venue was a highly customizable event and performance space built into a traditional theatre environment. It served Aalto and joint TEAK course curriculum and many student thesis productions. It is now been renamed to Kalliosali by its new occupants, …