This 1920 Art Deco-style venue is a highly customizable event and performance space built into a traditional theatre environment. Its black walls, dark ceiling and a grey dance floor material allow flexible staging and lighting. The stand, stage and lighting configurations can be altered and scenes pre-programmed.

It’s perfect for larger scale multimedia and dance performances, but also small intimate events, like cinema screenings, gaming events, hackathons, seminars and workshops.

Who can use it?

We prioritize Aalto University projects, from our six schools, our services units and our associated partners. The remaining openings in the schedule are available more widely.

Pick a starting point

To get started, here are popular ways people have used the venue. See if one of these formats fits your need and ask us for more details on tailoring events for your need.

Contemporary dance performance Kallio Stage sports a high quality flooring material suitable for modern dance.
Private Screening Design an event for viewing, with the bar open upstairs.


The current reservations for Kallio Stage can be viewed in detail on Aalto Takeout.