Our catch-all email address for any general inquiries and feedback is studios@aalto.fi. From there, studios central dispatch will relay your message to the correct receiver.

For quick questions and comments, you can typically reach us faster on Messenger.

Service points

If your question or comment fits any of the following topics, these are the most direct contact points:

Getting help with audiovisual productionAV Productions Contact Form
Finding equipment for your projectsstudios-takeout@aalto.fi
Learning about extended realityvrhub@aalto.fi
Figuring out Internet based communicationwebstudio@aalto.fi

Specific expertise

Use our site search, or browse through our list of Aalto Studios people to home in on specific domains of expertise, then feel free to contact us directly.

Where is all this?

Since we operate at multiple locations, we have a dedicated page on how to Find Us.

Elsewhere on the Internet

We share highlights from this site on our Facebook page and engage in the occasional competition, poll or other type of interaction. Highly recommended.

Behind-the-scenes B-roll snapshots are available in our Instagram feed and more randomly by just searching for the #aaltostudios hashtag.

Postal deliveries

For postal deliveries, the Aalto University post box below is our default address. For direct deliveries, here’s how you find us.

PL 13300
00076 Aalto