Staff scientist, Academic coordinator of the MAGICS infrastructure and Profi-6 Creative Technologies.

MAGICS is a novel digital infrastructure for human virtualisation and remote presence. It is available for research, teaching and artistic activities for everyone in Aalto, and in consortium with Tampere University and the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Learn more about MAGICS from our website. The equipment are available for use through Aalto Takeout – search for ‘magics’ to see what we have!

Creative Technologies is one of the profiling areas of Aalto University, focusing on interactive computing to support human creativity. Learn more about the Creative Technologies community from our website.

I have a background as a researcher and consultant in road maintenance management, with MSc from Aalto School of Engineering and PhD from Aalto School of Business. Before joining Aalto Studios, I worked in the Aalto University research services for over 9 years as a Grant Writer. You can find my CV in Aalto People.