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Web Studio

Need help with online communication? Want to learn more?

We’re here for all Aalto people; student, staff or faculty. Whether you’re setting up a web site, developing software or trying to decide which social media channels to use– get in touch. We know a ton about internet communication design and development, and are currently investigating how to break out from the rectangular app or browser window into the AR/Mixed Reality space.


We can provide personal guidance for any stage of your project, from design strategy and purchasing planning to implementation detail and review. No project is too small, no idea too big. Our co-working office can accommodate you and and even a small team for a day and you’re welcome to hang out here. Ask us questions, show us your problems, tell us what you’d like to learn.

Courses and workshops

From time to time, we arrange intense short courses on topics related to internet communication.

Production and hosting

Quite often our clients require some custom software development. We can help you connect with designers and developers, or in some cases, build together with you. To support these cases, we provide free hosting on Aalto servers. Projects like these can range from fully home made (Aalto Takeout), to slightly tweaked (lahjoittaminen.aalto.fi) to simply hosted (aaltofestival.fi).

Come see us

Get in touch, let’s set a date and have a chat. Mail us at webstudio@aalto.fi or message us on Facebook Messenger


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