The Aalto Studios A Pod let’s your record and edit your own Podcast episodes, but where do you host your show? Where do you publish the episodes so that Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the other directories can pick them up?

We have just the thing, the service, with built-in Web Studio consultation and help. We run it together with Aalto Communications, who produce a number of shows and can also help you get started. See their excellent guide to begin your journey.

This is the way

You get a full, Aalto data center hosted WordPress site from Aalto Studios, with support for posting new audio episodes. Details like episode art, show notes, web based playback and sharing to social media channels are built right in. This is a great choice if you need a unique brand identity, such as a custom look, or a address of your choice.

If instead you’d prefer to promote your show on the Aalto Podcasts page as part of the University’s portfolio, you can skip using the visible parts of the web site we provide and only use it as the publishing backend for episodes.

Get in touch

For any questions, you can always start by mailing us at or dropping by at the Aalto Podcast Support Teams team.