Aalto Takeout

Aalto Takeout is a web service that lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from many providers around the campus. Schools, departments and units can join the service to make their publicly lendable resources available through a central web service. Background Takeout started at the Aalto Media Factory as a web service for booking …

Takeout 2.0 User Guide

Aalto Takeout lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from many different campus locations, by many different providers. Sign in, search for what you need and book it for pick-up. Who can use it? Anyone with an Aalto University user account can sign in, and many of the resources are available without needing …

Get to know Takeout Pro

There area a ton of equipment and other resources available for Aalto University users for creating media and building immersive experiences. To find these tools, then plan their use and reserve them for pickup, Takeout Pro is our extremely efficient app for doing all that. This document introduces the key concepts and features, and walks …

Your own Podcast

Getting your own podcast show up and running at Aalto University is more than possible. We have both the resources and support to make sure you get from initial planning to leaning back and listening on your phone. Getting started Option 1: You can begin your journey with Aalto Communications to get production support and …

Site hosting for selected Clients

Sometimes, we arrive at the conclusion that our client will benefit from a dedicated web site of their own. This is a great solution for experimental cases, typically when some software customization is required. We host these sites using Aalto servers, keeping the data safe and local.

Software development

From time to time, we can help with building software solutions for spesific needs. Examples include CMS plugins for WordPress, standalone web apps and the occasional server-side wrangling of data.

ICT buyer’s consultation

Are you about to invest time, money or both in setting up a piece of information technology? We can help you double-check you’re asking the right questions and getting the right answer by reflecting on our past experience.

Internet communication therapy

Book an hour on our sofa to air out any ideas or questions you might have on using the internet for you communication needs. We can discuss larger, strategic approaches or get down to the nitty gritty of how to tweak some software platform to exactly what you’d like.

Jon Fabritius

Internet communication design and development consulting, teaching and software development at the Web Studio. Communication and space related development projects at the Aalto Studios in general.

Oliver Manner

Oliver is hosting the Web Studio in collaboration with his colleague Jon Fabritius. They help the whole Aalto community with things related to the internet: Web pages, CMS systems, social media, etc. They also build web systems for Aalto University e.g Aalto People and Aalto Takeout. Oliver has spent his whole work career in Aalto. …