This document is currently being created and appears here in a rough draft form.

Aalto Takeout lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from many different campus locations, by many different providers. Sign in, search for what you need and book it for pick-up.

Pre-release notes

The current version is 2.0b1, an early beta that has most of the functionality, but is expected to contain misbehaviours and surprises. Notable issues include:

– Unfinished work on accessibility for assistive devices, incl. full keyboard support.

– Live updates are currently off, requiring the user to periodically refresh the app to receive latest data from other users’ activities.

Who can use it?

Anyone with an Aalto University user account can sign in, and many of the resources are available without needing any specific permit. Some locations have limited items to specific groups, or require permits for high-end gear.

For partners outside Aalto University, an email based sign-in option is available by request.

What’s in it?

Resources available at different schools and units, listed under one umbrella. This means equipment, tools, spaces and even people to help you create content and build things. The different offices have different policies, so information on permits you’ll need and where exactly these resources can be found is all part of the service.

How does it work?

The workflow of the app goes like this:

1 Sign in

While you can browse without signing in, let’s get this out of the way first. Use your Aalto University account for Single Sign On (SSO), or if you’re a partner with an email based login, you can request a magic link in your email.

Please note that signing in using Aalto SSO can not be logged out from. You’ll need to quit the browser or log out of your computer to ensure you’re not signed in to Aalto University services.

2 Review the Terms of Service

3 Select or create a project

To collect your reservations into a manageable bunch, you start with picking or creating a project. Think of them as a shopping carts for all your things, one for each project you might have.

The detailed project information is also really helpful to us for learning more about where things are used.

3.1 Creating your first project

Pop open the Project Selector and select and choose ‘Create a new project…’.

4 Find things and preview them

Use the Find Things navigation to search and browse for all available resources. Try finding our Pineapple in Aalto Studios > Misc > Tools. You can play with the Pineapple all you want, any reservations are ignored.

If at any point you get lost in the abundance of stuff, you can reset the Find Things menu using the (⚡️) Zapper.

5 Make a reservation

6 Manage a reservation

7 Pickups and returns

Advanced features

Collections and Favorites

Items that you use frequently, or lists of items that you’d like to share.

Project members

When working in a group, it helps to see what resources everyone has booked.


You can share links to individual items, collections or projects.


Individual items can be embedded using an <iframe> on other web sites, if their policies allow. Currently, getting the embed address requires a bit of manual tweaking: first, get the sharing address from the Item Card, then replace the letter ‘i’ with the letter ‘e’. Eg.

Takeout Pro

For power users in need of more control of large quantities of items and projects, this version of Takeout shows the same data but rendered in a different view. Learn more about Takeout Pro >

Accessibility statement

Terms of service

Privacy policy

Contact and feedback

For questions on equipment, spaces and booking/returning them, contact the Location in question.

Aalto Acoustics
Aalto Fablab
Aalto Studios
ELEC Takeout
Space 21

For questions and feedback on the website, or adding your location to the system, contact the Web Studio at Aalto Studios by mailing

Tech specs