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  • “Ville” Jari Manninen

    “Ville” Jari Manninen

    Ville is an AV technician at Aalto Studios. With his over 30-year experience, Ville is the perfect guy to help out…

  • Aalto Studios Takeout

    Aalto Studios Takeout

    Borrow a camera, or ten. And lights and mics and VR headsets and all the things for your media production. If…

  • Arri Amira camera course

    Arri Amira camera course

    Learn to get the most out of these professional cameras and obtain the required permit for borrowing them for your projects.…

  • Lassi Salo

    Lassi Salo

    Lassi is taking care of Studios Takeout. He has a huge amount of expertise of Aalto’s AV equipment, since he has…

  • Get to know Takeout Pro

    Get to know Takeout Pro

    There area a ton of equipment and other resources available for Aalto University users for creating media and building immersive experiences.…

  • Takeout 2.0 User Guide

    Takeout 2.0 User Guide

    Aalto Takeout lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from many different campus locations, by many different providers. Sign…

  • Laura Törnroos

    Laura Törnroos

    Laura is the workshop master at Väre Takeout.

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