Get to know Takeout Pro

There area a ton of equipment and other resources available for Aalto University users for creating media and building immersive experiences. To find these tools, then plan their use and reserve them for pickup, Takeout Pro is our extremely efficient app for doing all that. This document introduces the key concepts and features, and walks …

Maksim Andronenkov

At our Equipment Takeout office, Maksim keeps track of resources as they flow in and out the door.

Equipment consultation

If you’re feeling you need a couple of tips and tricks on using some equipment from Takeout, this is the thing for you! Studios Takeout’s manager, Lassi, is eager to share his expertise on all sorts of knick knacks and whatnots concerning all kinds of av-related equipment. Drop Lassi a message and he’ll find a …

Arri Amira camera course

Learn to get the most out of these professional cameras and obtain the required permit for borrowing them for your projects. These courses are arranged periodically based on demand. Contact our Takeout Equipment office to be notified.

Lassi Savola

Lassi is an AV specialist and the manager of Takeout. He has 10 years experience with media production from a technical point of view, as well as extensive hands-on knowledge about audiovisual equipment. Lassis knowledge of AV equipment, ranging from every-day tech to professional cinema equipment, mixed with his enjoy for improving service to better …