What would you include in a brand new building dedicated to media?

We are working on just that and would love to get your input now, when things are still on the drawing board. In 2023, the new media centre will open its doors next to the new Väre building, right at the heart of the campus. In the meanwhile, we’ll prototype and research this future at our Otakaari 7 spaces, at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre, at Maarintie 8, and around Helsinki at our satellite facilities in Roihupelto and Kallio.

Initial Roadmap to 2023

We’ve moved from initial research into actual architecture. Here’s how we’re pacing ourselves.

Spring 2017 – Spring 2018
Concept Development

Spring 2018 – Autumn 2020
Primary planning phase

Ground construction begins

2021 – Autumn 2022
Building construction

Autumn 2022 – Spring 2023
Technical installations

Spring 2023
Grand Opening of New Building

Get involved

Send us your ideas and questions. Even better, invite yourself over and we’ll host you and your team for a joint planning session. Student groups, department faculty, research teams, commercial partners-to-be; don’t be shy. This is the perfect time to act, so contact us for more details, then find us here at Otakaari 7.