Aalto Takeout is a web service that lets Aalto University people find and book production resources from many providers around the campus. Schools, departments and units can join the service to make their publicly lendable resources available through a central web service.


Takeout started at the Aalto Media Factory as a web service for booking AMF equipment. Soon, many other equipment offices around ARTS joined in and after that, resource providers from around all Aalto.

If you have inventory that you lend out, you might be interested in adding your location to the service. Contact us at Web Studio for details.

Current status

Version 1.0 aka “Takeout Classic” will be phased out during 2023. Starting in August, it can be accessed at a designated “Old version” address, while the new v2.0 will become default for all users.

Version 2.0 is currently available as an open beta at https://takeout.aalto.fi/new/ and can be used by all Aalto account holders. It is currently the recommended version.

For selected power users, Takeout Pro 1.0 is in beta at https://takeout.aalto.fi/pro/ and can be accessed by applying from us at webstudio@aalto.fi. For more information on Takeout Pro, see the user guide titled “Get to know Takeout Pro

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