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  • Lassi Savola

    Lassi Savola

    Lassi is an AV Specialist and works in AV Productions as an Assistant Producer. He has over a decade of experience…

  • AV Production Service

    AV Production Service

    When planning to produce audiovisual content, take a moment to pre-plan a roadmap and find resources with our AV production experts…

  • Video interview

    Video interview

    1-3 persons interview or discussion video shot with multiple cameras in a nice lightning set up. User guides Related items

  • Webinar using Zoom

    Webinar using Zoom

    Host or participate in online educational events in the well lit, peaceful environment of our Self Service Studio, or take some…

  • Educational video using Panopto

    Educational video using Panopto

    Walk in, start recording, and at the end receive a video file with optional captures of presentation slides and notes included.…

  • Your own Podcast

    Your own Podcast

    Getting your own podcast show up and running at Aalto University is more than possible. We have both the resources and…

  • Hetta Huhtamäki
  • Background Images for Video Conferencing

    Background Images for Video Conferencing

    Our Remote Teaching Studios come equipped with green screens for that added professional touch when using background images with video. Here…

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