Your own Podcast Channel

The Aalto Studios A Pod let’s your record and edit your own Podcast episodes, but where do you host your channel? Where do you publish the episodes so that Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the others can pick them up? We have just the thing, the service, with built-in Web Studio consultation and help. Coming …

Educational video using Panopto

Walk in, start recording, and at the end receive a video file with optional captures of presentation slides and notes included. The Aalto Panopto service is the University’s educational video platform of choice, and we’ve built the Self Service Studio to provide a dedicated place for recording lectures, instructional video and other presentations.

Webinar using Zoom

Host or participate in online educational events in the well lit, peaceful environment of our Self Service Studio, or take some time to build a custom environment in our flexible Mini Studio.

Video interview

1-3 persons interview or discussion video shot with multiple cameras in a nice lightning set up.

Lightboard video

For producing luminous lectures and talks that maintain your connection to the audience while you’re free to note, sketch and illustrate in the air. Setting it up requires some assistance, so contact our AV Production Team well in advance to set up an introduction and book actual production time. Additionally, our AV Production Management service can help …