AV Production Service

How do you get started creating audiovisual content? Meet with us and we’ll find out. Our service can help you identify the different steps needed and come up with a concrete action plan for moving forward, from an idea to a finalized product. This can include building a production plan for scheduling, resourcing and recruitment, …

Research Facilitation

Creative sector projects are increasingly more transdisciplinary and multi-cultural in nature. We can help you find new ways to broaden your perspectives.

Ari Kivimäki

Ari is the Senior Manager in charge of Aalto Studios partnerships – both internally and externally. He has a long background as a new business developer and can advice startups in the area of creative industries, based on his experience at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and new business centers. He has also been a …

Juhani Tenhunen

With lots of experience in academic matters at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Juhani oversees our international projects that bring together students and researchers from around the globe.