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Ari Kivimäki

Ari Kivimäki

Events and Partnerships

Ari is a Senior Manager in charge of the Aalto Studios partnerships – managing both internal and external partnerships. Ari have 13 years’ experience at Aalto University School of Arts and Design and this makes him a great representing for Aalto University in various kinds of networks.

In addition, Ari has a long background as a new businesses developer and can consult startups in the area of creative industries supported by his experience from Finnish Broadcasting Company and new business centers. He has also been a lecturer in Media and Mass Communication Studies, a Finnish Academy Research Fellow, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a Project Director and the director of Media Centre Lume in Arabia. Ari has a Licentiate of Philosophy degree in Media Studies and he did his dissertation at the University of Turku.

Bonus info:
In his free time, Ari loves to compose and play music. He can play everything with a keyboard and have a small studio in Helsinki where he mainly produces electronica and cinematic scores.

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