From making a compact remote teaching video to the really big green screen production; we have a selection of professionals and spaces to answer your needs.

Before we begin


We do not currently provide tailor-made streaming services for events on location. Instead, we recommend our already set up Hybrid Stage for events that benefit from having both a local audience and a live broadcast. See the page for more details to find out whether it's the right venue for you.

We can also consult you on best streaming practices, and who to contact both inside and outside Aalto University. Our self-service facilities can be used with the usual streaming platforms and these spaces are excellent for remote teaching, joining a live event or giving or a keynote speech, for example.

Self service

Some of our facilities are designed for using them by yourself. Creating lecture videos and sound recordings, teaching classes, and participating in extended reality experiences are examples of what these spaces can help you do:

Self service studio
VR Hub
Remote teaching studios

Tailor-made video productions

Let's work together to first build a production plan, then step through the various stages of making it happen. To get up to speed, here are some questions we would kindly ask you to answer first.

Contact information

Project information

A working title is fine, this doesn't have to match any official records.

If an official Aalto one exists.

The department or other Aalto University unit running the project, or your organization if not in Aalto.

A budget typically needs to cover production facilities, equipment rentals, freelance staff and related expenses.

Do you have one or more locations in mind, or would you need help in finding one?

When would the on-location production need to take place?

What is the story behind your project and what would you like to achieve?

Who are you creating this for and where do you plan to distribute it when ready? Would you need our help figuring this out?

Are there any additions, such as logos, graphs, fonts for names, presentation slides, animations, sounds, music or voiceover work? We like to think ahead! Do you already have in mind could happen in post-production?

Before putting a date down please consider the whole process from pre-production, shooting, post-production to the final deadline.

Advanced production details

Do you plan to use equipment of your own, or do you have something in mind at Aalto Takeout we should book for you?

Do you have spesific staff requirements already in mind, such as a producer, camera operator, light operator, costumes etc?

Privacy overview

We value your privacy and will keep this data private to our best ability.

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