Hybrid Labs is a new symposium focused on hybrid knowledge creation, hosted at Aalto University this year from 30 May to 1 June, and the call for proposals is now open, with full details available at the link.

The third and latest in a series of Renewable Futures conferences, which began in 2015 in Riga and continued last year in Eindhoven, the new Hybrid Labs symposium will feature all sorts of hybrid practices — from storytelling, to economies, to fabrication and beyond, as it seeks to challenge the future of knowledge creation. Researchers, artists, designers, scientists and everyone interested or working in this space are encouraged join and share their ideas.

The symposium, chaired by Professor Lily Diaz-Kommonen of Aalto Media Lab, is part of Aalto Festival 2018, and will feature presentations of academic papers, artistic works, and posters sessions.

In addition to these paper presentations, the symposium will include the opening of the Oslofjord Ecologies Extended exhibition on 30 May, an ongoing workshop project part of Renewable Futures and Hybrid Labs. And on 1 June, the symposium will feature a look into the history of science and art collaboration to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Leonardo Journal, which has long been the premier publication to share the continuous results of hybridized work among scientists and artists.

Register to attend and submit your proposals