Audio Edits

Our production and post-production facilities range from small sound edits to large, professional high end environments. We make them available to all Aalto University users after completing a ‘Sound Permit’ introductory course, or by demonstrating your experience in using similar systems.

In more detail

Four fully equipped audio edits that let you create the best sounding audio for your production. All units come with Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate / HDX2 system featuring Avid Pro Tools Dock for control, Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro video card, Genelec 5.1 Speaker setup and 40” TV for displaying video image.

  • Audio Edit Permit Course

    Audio Edit Permit Course

    Gain access to our audio edits by completing this introductory course. At this time we don’t have any scheduled sessions. Contact…

Get licensed

To access our facilities, contact Alejandro below for more information on obtaining a ‘Sound Permit’ certification.

Audio Edits tech specs

– Avid Pro Tools | Ultimate + HDX2 on macOS
– Avid Pro Tools Dock control surface
– Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro Video Capture
– 40” TV screen
– Genelec 5.1 speaker Setup


These resources are available for Aalto University account holders at Aalto Takeout : Aalto Studios. A ‘Sound Permit’ is required for booking.

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