In October, we launched a series of events for the MAGICS-Aalto community. Our purpose is to bring together people from different backgrounds and inspire new encounters and new ideas through high-level speakers and performers, as well as possibility for open and free discussion.

This spring, we’ll continue with a series of events held on 4 Thursdays at 16.00-18.00, usually at the Odeion Auditorium in Otaniemi.

March 17thHannu Järvensivu: Staging in Opera, what new technologies may provide
April 21st Juha Jokela: Depicting reality in theatre venue tbd
May 5thJonathan Williams: Chemical composition of air during films reflecting audience experiences
May 19thLuciano Fadiga: Brain, Music and (E)Motion

Closer to the event dates, you’ll find more information on the speakers and topics from the MAGICS site.