Recent leaps in technology are rapidly transforming the operating environment of the media. Instead of, and in addition to real humans, virtual humans are appearing in media.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) and the MAGICS Aalto research infrastructure are looking for a student for the position of a Master’s thesis worker.

The purpose of the work is to find out what we currently know about how the audience relates to virtual humans. We are interested in knowing, in what way different Finnish people relate to various artificial humans. What kind of historical development are people’s attitudes based on and how can we expect the culture to evolve in the future?

Based on previous research, common perception of the nature and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is formed in major part based on how AI is depicted in public discussion. Virtual humans give face to cutting-edge technologies, and even without AI behind them, the same public discussion defines the perception of the nature and potential of virtual humans.

The work is a literature study. The master’s theses worker will be working in a suitable academic department in Aalto University. 

Please ask more information on the position from Creative Technologist Wesa Aapro ( and professor Mikko Sams (, who will also act as supervisors of the work.