Our MAGICS initiative is collaborating with Luciano Fadiga at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Ferrara on multidisciplinary research on interaction, involving neuroscientist, psychologists, engineers, scientists, etc. IIT has opened an interesting 2-year position for a postdoc:


From their posting: “Art has an astonishing ability to tap on a vast array of feelings and emotions with somehow arbitrary stimuli. How this effect is exerted, and in particular how the brain encodes the aspects of artistic stimuli into representations that are robust enough to reliably evoke the experience associated with art is poorly understood.  Advances in research now make it possible to decode a person’s conscious experience based on non-invasive measurements of an individual’s brain activity. However, so far mainly relatively simple discrete stimuli have been decoded, often in the context of a predefined, relatively limited number of stimuli. The aim of this project will be to use AI methods to extract robust neural representations associated with art-induced experience. “