Navigable spatial audio experience with new microphones

With the help of MAGICS project funding by the Academy of Finland, Aalto Studios has been able to acquire a completely new type of shared technology that supports research. One newly received set of devices consists of Zylia 6DoF ambisonic microphones. 

“The Zylia 6DoF VR/AR capturing set is a collection of 9 spherical microphone arrays which can capture the sound field in space from multiple points of view. Such multi-perspective acoustic capturing complements the recent progress in visual volumetric capturing techniques. Together, these systems can record and reconstruct real-world scenes so that the audience can freely move around in the virtual space, a feature so far only available to computer-generated virtual worlds. Single microphones can also enhance the workflow with 360 cameras and create more traditional spatial audio recordings”, says professor Sebastian Schlecht from the Department of Media. 

The Zylia VR/AR capturing set will be available on Aalto Takeout. Aalto community and MAGICS partners will be able to book them for their projects through the website

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