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  • VR Hub Open Doors

    VR Hub Open Doors

    Come in, try out things and get guidance from our people. Related items

  • Build a Learning Event

    Build a Learning Event

    Aalto Learning Services can help you find new ways to use extended reality tools to try out on your courses. Contact…

  • VR Theme Day

    VR Theme Day

    Let us tailor a session of demos and experimentation for your group, along with optional catering and other amenities. Related items

  • Educational video using Panopto

    Educational video using Panopto

    Walk in, start recording, and at the end receive a video file with optional captures of presentation slides and notes included.…

  • Remote Keynote Presentation

    Remote Keynote Presentation

    Don’t have the time or willingness to travel? Have your speech and slideshow happen live from our campus to the audience…

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