The Sound of Silo 468 (Kaikujen Säiliö) is a site-specific immersive sound piece for brass ensemble and live electronics, written for Öljysäiliö 468. Due to the shape and materials of this place, its acoustics are extremely peculiar, with long reverberation times, shimmering echoes and immersive radiating patterns. Sound artist and doctoral student at Aalto University Andrea Mancianti has recorded several loudspeaker positions with a set of eight spherical microphone arrays (Zylia ZM-1S microphones) each providing a 3rd order ambisonics stream.

The goal for this technical construction is to reproduce a virtual acoustic twin of the silo and hence recreate the sound design process and the listening experience in virtual reality.

More information about the production and testing :

The project is supported by MAGICS. The Zylia VR/AR capturing set is available on Aalto Takeout. Aalto community and MAGICS partners will be able to book them for their projects through the website

Photo: Andrea Mancianti