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VR Studio

Need to work on VR content with the latest software and headsets? Or quickly test out an idea?

We provide resources and help.

Our 45m2 VR Studio is equipped with five editing units all with dual screens and powerful graphics cards. Two of these workstations sport NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080, two come with NVIDIA Titan XP, and the fifth has an NVIDIA Quadro P6000 24GB GPU. Included are HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Headsets and a large green screen background. Check the sidebar for all technical information and bookings.

The Studio is also spacious enough for wandering around. You can move freely without bumping into a wall or other obstacles.

It has virtually everything you need to fully immerse yourself in your project and to make it come to life.

Who can use it?

The VR Studio is open to everyone at Aalto University. It can be used for courses, research and even spare-time projects if reservation schedules allow.

How to book it?

The studio is available for booking via Aalto Takeout. For any technical questions and for more details get in touch with Juhani Tenhunen.


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