Kallio Stage lobby is going to be a venue for a sweet exhibition this month. Ludovico Design Studio presents “Sugarryy Wonderryy”, an individual exhibition of new works by Carlos Alves Ludovico.

Drawing from the themes in his formative years in Portugal, Ludovico’s artworks overlook the lasting and unique way in which memories and experiences of childhood can remain with us into adulthood. His life has been influenced by the fact he is a diabetic person for whom sugar is a deadly poison.

An M.A. student at Aalto University, Ludovico decided to convert sugar into a construction material. He explores the physicality of sugar and new types of materiality. Ludovico takes ordinary sugar into a new process of experimentation, altering its molecular structures.

As a result, he has developed an original coating technique that releases a sugar-based bioplastic film that he calls “Biopolysucrose”. This material was used for several pieces in the exhibition, such as “The first anniversary” that Ludovico describes as the centerpiece of the exhibition.

Join us for the opening party of the exhibition at Kallio Stage on November 8th at 19:00!



SUGARRYY WONDERRYY at Kallio Stage November 9th-23rd, 2018.

Opening hours: Wed-Fri 14:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-20:00.

The admission is free.

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