“Dry Storm” performance premiere at Kallio Stage on 7.2

Dry Storm is a new performance piece by students from Aalto ARTS and the Theatre Academy at Uniarts Helsinki. The production  features 6 performers and the work of four students focusing on costume design, lighting design, sound design, and choreography.

The production addresses some abstract themes surrounding dryness and change in the human body. According to the organizers, “The work arises from fragmented changes in the body, created by embodied reflections from the environment. It rattles through the materialization of dryness, into hybrid bodies that in their multi directionality loosely connects anywhere and everywhere.”

Dry Storm will premiere next Wednesday, 7.2, at Kallio Stage, and will have six additional shows the week following. Tickets and additional showtimes are available here. Tickets purchased in advance online are slightly cheaper.

Details about the show

Performers: Jenna Broas, Geoffrey Erista, Tuuli Heinonen, Ella Koikkalainen, Katriina Tavi, and Salla Rytövuori
Costume design: Hanne Jurmu (Aalto ARTS)
Sound design: Tom Lönnqvist (Äma, artistic part of MA thesis, TeM)
Choreography: Sara Gurevitsch (TK, artistic part of MA thesis, Tanssit. maist)
Lighting design: Sofia Palillo (Vma)
Scenography: Hanne Jurmu, Tom Lönnqvist, Sara Gurevitsch, Sofia Palillo

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