We’re looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday 06.10.2022 at the new state-of-the-art hybrid event stage located on the Harald Herlin Learning Centre K-floor.

There is no RSVP to this event. Just drop by, have a look or stay the whole time!

Opening Words | 13.00 

13:00 – Marcus Korhonen, Director, Aalto Studios
13:05 – Kati Hagros, Chief Digital Officer
13:10 – Jessica Sinikoski, Senior Communications Manager, Communications Services
13:15  – The possibility to explore and ask questions about all the Aalto Studios spaces on the K-floor with the guidance of our audiovisual experts.

The spaces include obviously the brand new Hybrid Stage, but also our Mini Studio, VR Hub, Self Service Studio, A Pod, AV Production Service and Web Studio.

Creative Technologies | 14:00

Experience Hybrid Stage in action on the spot or follow the stream on the Creative Technologies page.

See if the space or the possibilities it offers could be something for your content and productions.

14:00 – Opening words by Antti Oulasvirta, Professor, Aalto University
14:05 – Mary Lou Maher, Professor, College for Computing and Informatics, UNC Charlotte
14:30 – Q&A
14:35 – Hironori Yoshida, Associate Professor, School of Systems Information Science, Future University Hakodate

15:00 – Q&A
15:05 – Snacks and cold beverages