Aalto University has enjoyed producer Yulia Guseva’s online course production expertise for four years now. This fall, new winds are blowing as Guseva recently started using Roihupelto studio facilities for the making of educational video materials for A!OLE, Aalto Online Learning. “It makes my life so much easier to have Aalto University’s own studio here at Roihupelto for us to use. First of all, not having to reserve expensive studio facilities, staff and equipment from an outside provider is very convenient. What also saves a lot of time is that this studio is so easy and quick to set up, and there is always helpful Aalto Studios staff that make shooting here smooth.”

Prior to moving to Roihupelto with her productions, Guseva used Kallio Stage to shoot her videos in. Guseva describes the opening of Roihupelto studio a much needed change, as there were no good places for video production at Aalto University. “Kallio Stage is ideal for a lot of different productions and performances, but for our needs, Roihupelto is more suitable. The multi-camera studio at Roihupelto has excellent equipment on its own, such as motion capture infrared cameras, a set of Arri Amira UHD cameras and new Arri LED lights. Additional cameras, lights and sound devices can be checked out from Aalto Studios Takeout.

Studio manager Toni Tolin is looking forward to the upcoming fall at the Roihupelto Studio. There will be many productions and courses held at the venue in the next few months. For example, two BA fiction productions and a key lighting course are only some of the big highlights coming up keeping Tolin busy.

Read more about the multi-camera studio and the motion capture studio. Contact Birgitta Rosti-Pylkkänen to make a reservation. Toni Tolin can help you with any technical questions regarding the studio.