Mini Studio Equipment

Here is the list of equipment in the Mini Studio. Camera 2x Sony Z280 Camcorders (model name to be confirmed) 1/2″ sensor with 17x zoom (which equals 25-425 mm on fullframe, to be confirmed), widest aperture f1.7-f2.3 (to be confirmed) depending on how far it is zoomed in Decent autofocus for studio or lecture shooting …

Talking Head video

Sometimes clear explanation is enough. You can record a talking head video up to two people with white or green backdrop or a black curtain. Mini Studio has a teleprompter.


There’s just enough space in Mini Studio for three point lightning set up to take photographs. Products, protos or portraits up to long medium shot size with white or green backdrop.

Green Screen video

You want to add a digital background to your content? In Mini studio you can take a photo or record a video with a green screen bacdrop in the size of long medium shot. More than one person is be possible but tight.

Video interview

1-3 persons interview or discussion video shot with multiple cameras in a nice lightning set up.