Here is the list of equipment in the Mini Studio.


2x Sony Z280 Camcorders (model name to be confirmed)

  • 1/2″ sensor with 17x zoom (which equals 25-425 mm on fullframe, to be confirmed), widest aperture f1.7-f2.3 (to be confirmed) depending on how far it is zoomed in
  • Decent autofocus for studio or lecture shooting
  • UHD resolution
  • no recording limit
  • two card slots (cannot record 4K simultaneously to two cards)
  • SDI output
  • 2x XLR input and audio controls
  • Waveforms
  • Both come with a charger that can be used as an AC power adapter for unlimited battery life
  • Weight: ???
  • Camera bag that fits in both Sony camcorders

2x Tripods with tilting and panning head for Sony Camcorders


  • 4x Aputure 120D dimmable and temperature adjustable lights
  • 4x Aputure Light Dome softboxes
  • 2x Fresnel (barn door) heads for Aputure lights
  • Stands for all Aputure lights
  • 3x 30x30cm (size to be confirmed) LED Panels that run with AC power (or V-mount batteries, but Mini Studio does not have V-mount batteries)
  • 2x Small LED Panels to be mounted on top of the lightboard
  • 3x LED Panels of size 30x30cm (size to be confirmed)


  • XLR Wireless Sennheiser lavalier microphone
  • X amount of lavalier microphones with wires
  • Mixer and 2 lavalier microphones connected to the mixer
  • XLR Shotgun microphone
  • Stand (not correct name) for shotgun microphone
  • XLR cables


  • The lightboard
  • Markers
  • Cleaning tools: large paper roll, liquids
  • Water bucket and sponge
  • Rulers


  • Teleprompter bracket to be placed on top of the camera tripod
  • Large “size to be confirmed” Ipad
  • Teleprompter Mac Laptop
  • Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac


  • Streaming PC Laptop
  • SDI cables
  • 3x HDMI to USB converters to connect cameras to PC (to be confirmed)


  • Black curtains
  • Green screen paper
  • White paper


  • Gaffer tape
  • Basic make up tools (?)