Remote Keynote Presentation

Don’t have the time or willingness to travel? Have your speech and slideshow happen live from our campus to the audience on the other side of the globe. Reserve enough time for planning, so the platform and it’s interactive features can be researched and tested together with the hosting event organization well before the presentation. …

Site hosting for selected Clients

Sometimes, we arrive at the conclusion that our client will benefit from a dedicated web site of their own. This is a great solution for experimental cases, typically when some software customization is required. We host these sites using Aalto servers, keeping the data safe and local.

Tech talk

Thetre setting when the highest standard for sound and image projection is needed. The venue supports the playback of a variety of formats.


There’s just enough space in Mini Studio for three point lightning set up to take photographs. Products, protos or portraits up to long medium shot size with white or green backdrop.

Film screening

The Odeion theatre has a 43 seat capacity and comes equipped with a high end projection and sound system suitable for contemporary film viewing. The venue requires an operator in the control room, so make sure you book well in advance and contact us to check the media format. Prepare your media