View of motion capture floor with actor and crew

High End Motion Capture and Tracking

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Our high end Motion Analysis Raptor based system let’s you:

  • Capture multiple actors simultaneously with millimeter precision.
  • Live preview your 3D Characters.
  • Film inside a virtual environment with our wireless camera rig.
  • Capture Straight to your custom rig, no re-targeting needed.

We can set up a custom capture area up to 42m2 in size, depending on the movements you need to capture. The studio is fully equipped with sound equipment, stunt props, crash pads, tatami, rig points for fly wire work and cameras for reference video. It is also possible to capture facial and finger movements, but not during full body capture.

Equipment in brief

Motion Analysis Raptor cameras, Cortex, Maya, Motionbuilder, Unreal engine, Unity, Wireless VR camera, Live preview, Production quality sound recording, Video reference.

Detailed blueprints and equipment listings are available for download.

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